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  • José Eber Wet or Dry

    Ergonomic    Design,   
    1%"wide    floating    plates
    360    degree    swivel    cord    design    with    hook
    Professional        length       power    cord
    Dual    voltage        110-240V
    Temperature        160°C-220°C
    Heats        up        in 30    seconds
    Adjustable        temperature    control
    Suitable    for wet        or dry        hair
    Korean    Titanium    ceramic    plates
    Negative        ion technology
    Manufacturer's    lifetime    warranty

  • José Eber- Wet or Dry...

    The Wet or Dry Styling Iron lets you dry damp hair and straighten simultaneously, eliminating the need to blowdry your hair before styling. This means less style time and less exposure to hair damaging heat. The Wet or Dry works great for all hair types. Whether your hair is voluminous and curly or long and frizzy, you can achieve a super sleek look. Plus, the larger 1½" plates make straightening thicker, longer hair easier and faster than ever. The unique design uses steam and negative ions to lock in hair’s natural moisture while banishing frizz and flyaways, and preserving hair’s natural color. Leave hair looking sleek and feeling smooth all day with the Wet or Dry Styling Iron.

  • José Eber - Petité

    Ergonomic design
    %2” wide floating plates
    Compact    size; 6 inches in length
    360 degree swivel cord    design    with hook
    Professional length    power    cord
    Dual voltage 110-240V
    Temperature 220°C
    Korean    tourmaline ceramic plates
    Negative ion technology
    Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

  • José Eber- Flat Pro Iron

    José Eber Pro Series straightening iron will help you achieve sexy, super sleek, and healthy hair like no other straightening iron. The next generation in tourmaline-titanium infused plates provides even heat for faster, more consistent results with less damage, the Pro Series is perfect for all hair types. With uniform heat across the entire plate each strand of hair comes into contact with the same amount of heat every time reducing the risk of hot spots and over drying so your hair always looks shiny and healthy. The innovative design of the floating plates reduces hair pull and creates a smooth way to straighten your hair or easily twists for perfect curls. There is no need to struggle with a tangled cord constantly getting in your way.